About Us

Company overview

We, CompuServe are dedicated to providing an excellent converge of diverse range of products and services to lead us to becoming a trustable business partner in the future development of the Region. Our priority is training, transfer of technology together with providing the most suited solutions our clients’ needs.

Whilst CompuServe is long established (early ’98), we process huge technical capabilities that will secure Leadership within this field of specialty covering IP based products and services.

Over the past years, we have made considerable investments in technical, commercial and human resources to guarantee our strategic objectives with the IP world-which virtually is controlling our live through our finger tips, PC’s, laptops and smart devices.

About CompuServe

  • Middle East network, ensuring reliable service with local support.
  • More than 18 years of experience and hundreds of projects delivered.
  • More than 10 professionals with an intellectual capital spanning diverse industries.
  • The reliable supplier of world-class transformational solutions.
  • Committed to innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • CompuServe’s Unique Selling Proposition is based on combining both consulting and technology to deliver state-of-the art offerings.
  • Regional Offices in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan and the UAE.
  • Extensive partnerships with global consulting and technology companies.
  • Partner network extends to every country in the MENA region.
  • Delivers and manages large regional projects with attention to local requirements.
  • World class resources meet local needs and bring best practices to every project

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